Bye Bye Berlusconi

Berlusconi: Pull my finger?

In the Italian Senate, right now, the debate is taking place which will mark the end of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s political career.

Berlusconi is the kind of politician most journalists would give their back teeth to interview.

Not because during his seventeen years as a politican have changed the European politicial scene for the better. Quite the opposite, his financial policies of tax reduction for the rich have contributed to the current financial disaster by extending Italian debt.

But Berlusconi simply can’t keep his trap shut – and what comes out is the kind of  nonsense that fills column inches, and keeps the public enthralled.

To mark the parting of the media favourite the interweb went mad yesterday with Top Ten Berlusconi gaffes features.

Here I’ve gathered the best ones for you A top ten list of gaffe lists if you will. Reading these really is a fun way to start the weekend.

I’ve used Storify – a really cool piece of software which allows you to gather content from across the web.

Journos – it’s an excellent resource for online news backgrounders!

View the story “Berlusconi’s Best Bloopers” on Storify]

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