I don’t know if you’ve spotted Pearltrees yet, but I really like it.

It’s a a cosmic- looking social curation community tool, which allows collaboration between like-minded peeps for information building and sharing. Think a more visual delicio.us, meets Storify, meets a kind of LinkedIn which introduces you to others by similarities in the content you’ve shared.

I’ve been using it to gather and find up-to-date information on digital journalism and storytelling for third year students, but I think it could be a really interesting way to create backgrounders for news.

At first glance I thought you couldn’t embed your Pearltrees on to WordPress.  A little hunting around the internet brought me to Vodpod, which allowed me to use my Pearltree embed code to create a video of one of my Pearltrees (see below.) Actually Vodpod is lovely too. Great usability –  which feels somehow more  intuitive than YouTube.

However, while at first it appeared as a video within the body of this blog, when I published it, it became a link (see below). That extra click is getting right on my nerves. Back to the drawing board –  suggestions gratefully received.

It needs Flash to work, so IPhone lot, we’re out of luck (allow the App already Apple!). But hey, we may all be buying PCs anyway this year, if you believe the hype about the new ultrabooks.

If you’re interested in similar things, why not team up with me. I’ve got some Pearltrees on the go at the moment on WordPress, collaborative working and digital journalism.


My Pearltree
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

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