Citizen Journalism

Tomorrow morning I’m giving a lecture which will examine  some interesting recent examples of Citizen Journalism; following an examination of digital war reporting.

We looked at Kevin Sites’ experiences covering a shooting at a mosque in Fallujah during the Iraq war, and then brought it bang up to date with examples of twitter feeds from Syria

Now we’re thinking about what that means for the role of independent Vs mainstream media.

Brings us right back to here...

This blog is, albeit, a small an example of independent media has often become. It is an aggregator of media, not a newsgathering exercise, drawing on the experiences of other people.

The internet allows me to go directly to sources of news, bypassing newsrooms and journalists.  It gives a wider audience a closer insight in to content creation than ever before.

Which will make the fact mainstream media will be able to charge others for using their stuff an interesting legal minefield.

Thank goodness I’m not making any dosh from this!

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