First Sun on Sunday.

The Sun on Sunday’s first ever front page is doing the rounds on twitter tonight.

Currrent and former News Corp staff  – including former TV reporter Tom Latchem and Fabulous magazine celeb editor (and fellow North-East lass) Beth Neil – have been claiming it a success.

Apparently it’s the story every one else wanted. One magazine offered £400,000 and were knocked back.

And I believe them. The more someone refuses to talk, the more other tabloid reporters want it. It’s the basic instinct of a what Mr Murdoch would call ‘a journo.’

I realise I am out of the tabloid news loop, but I think it’s a bit of a damp squib.

I was hoping for some rollicking  investigation like the Pakistani Cricketers scandal. Or something juicy but political like Profumo. Or – I don’t know –  Hitler’s diaries. But real this time.

I wanted a bit of classic Murdoch. The Murdoch this great quick documentary from Charlie Brooker’s 2011 TV Wipe.

I wonder what the sales figures will be. A respectable two million is certain to cheer the corridors of Wapping. Anything less will be a bitter disappointment.

And I wonder if, as the presses roll, there is any fear about whether they’ve got the Sunday market wrong. As my fella said: “Not even that little picture of  Roy Keane on the front would make me buy it. Clearly for girls.

“I might buy it if it was Martin O’Neill though…”

I quite agree. A Sunderland Sun on Sunday would be great. But then we’ve already got the Sunday Sun for that.

2 thoughts on “The Sun on Sunday launches with Amanda Holden exclusive

  1. Well as Adam Curtis says on your video up there, we’re more than happy to give to Google for free what News Corp would underhandedly pay for.

    And with good reason – this internet gives us all far more a potent voice than Dear Diedre or capital letters as mock outrage.

    Murdoch seems almost a fallen hero in that snapshop; and if we completely ignore the devil of Fox News then we can dismiss the Sun on Sunday as a crumbling Aussie, rearranging the deckchairs on his Titanic.

    But we can’t – it’s not technology that’s killing print journalism, it’s farts in suits who are loath to adapt; but despite this fact I’ll buy a copy of the re-branded NotW tomorrow. There’s still fight in this old codger yet.


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