Sun on Sunday – a quick analysis

AS Rupert Murdoch tweets sales are expected to be around three million for first Sun on Sunday, I decided to do a quick analysis of thematic priorities of articles.

The Sun on Sunday first ever front page.s.

Of course this is subjective. Some articles, like Amanda Holden’s five-page account of her birth could have been put in either the celebrity or personal account of tragedy category. I decided on the latter as it was the crucial line.

I’ve had to make similar decisions with some other stories, and you may not agree with my categorisation. So if you think I’ve got these numbers wrong, then that’s okay.

And if I was doing this with more time on my hands, I would give actual number of words which would give greater insight in to the thematic priorities of the paper. This is important as while on first glance there appears to be a lot of Funnies, they were mostly two or three paragraph fillers.

But  that’s too much for today. I’ve also only counted the stories in the main paper – not the supplements.

What I hope this will give a snap shot of content of the paper as it emerges from the ashes of the News of the World.

And just as a side note, the wry eyebrow award goes to the costing for the Death Star filler on page 29. Made me chortle.

So, from highest to lowest in category order for number of stories:

Celebrity: 29

Football: 22

Funnies: 17

Crime: 10

Lifestyle: 7

Home Affairs: 7

Olympics: 7

Columns: 6

Other sport: 6

Personal account of tragedy: 5

Foreign news: 4

Immigration: 3

Real life: 3

Politics: 3

Politicians in celebrity terms: 2

NHS: 2

Semi naked women: 2

Foreign policy: 1

Environmental: 1

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