Blogging assessment: Different student approaches

AS discussed previously, I’m currently working with second year students to develop their journalism through blogging.

Each student has set up an individual publically facing blog where they’ve explored principles of branding, usability, social media optimisation and, of course, producing content.

Some interesting work coming out through the process. Hand in is on December 10th. Can’t wait to see where they’ve got with them.

One student, Leonie Garlick, produced this video as part of her blog My Little Charitees, which  encourages students to do charity.

Another Matthew Brown has really considered branding and consistency with his blog Northern Tone.

Lucy Moody has had fun at a Tea Dance, learned how to make Corn Dollies more than 1000 views since launching her Undiscovered Middlesbrough Blog.

And through Natalie Devonshire’s Preppy Couture, I learned the crucial skill of learning how to polka dot nails. I have a 15-year-old sister who’s going to think I’m really cool this Christmas.

And I really enjoyed her coverage of a Vintage Fair last week:

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