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  1. Hi – I am a student at University of Leicester and have been following (with disgust) the current twitter trend of “justiceforched”.

    This group also has a Facebook page (run by his sister Kylie Evans) entitled “securing an immediate retrial for Ched Evans” – which is filled with the much of misogynistic bile that is currently trending on twitter.

    The rape victim’s name has also been revealed on this page countless times, although these posts have since been deleted.

    This Facebook page also openly requested Sheffield United fans to stage a minute’s applause for Ched Evans during a televised game yesterday evening on Sky and encouraged fans to carry banners and wear shirts bearing Ched Evans name to the game, knowing it would be viewed by the media.

    Many of these fans are teenagers too young to know any better and the others are simply being manipulated by Ched Evan’s family, who are using this football fan base to publicise their despicable campaign. The rest of the members are made up of rape apologists and many who claim to “have done exactly the same thing as Ched countless times” (slightly worrying that they think it normal to rape semi conscious women with their friends filming it on camera phones!)

    As a journalist yourself your in a better position than most to raise this issue in media. I know some papers, The Mail and the Guardian, have written articles exposing this group. However newspapers such as The Sun have a far wider audience and could help put a stop to this disgusting campaign which I fear will be most damaging to both rape victims and potential victims in the future, resulting in this crime being even less reported than it is at present.

    Lastly there is also a petition against Ched Evans receiving a players honour from the football league (after he was convicted of rape) available on the, please see below for link. Please share this with your readers and twitter users in the hope than perhaps people will start to see, it is not ok to honour or condone rape.

    Many thanks


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